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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Ocean!

Ocean is 1!!!! Papa J & me have been considering how we should do Monster O's birthday for him. Finally we decided to throw a birthday party at home, and judging at the amount of damage it will cause, we decided to combine his birthday with our house warming : p
For the birthday boy, we ordered a 3 kg jumpsuit cake for him. There wasn't much photos taken as there were many guests to be entertained : p

Hmm what is it that takes all their attention? - Watching video with Andrea表姐 before the guests arrive.

Mummy Me with Ocean & his jumpsuit birthday cake

How can we forget the 红鸡蛋!

Us & Auntie Vanessa

Ooo whois behind us??? It's Lucas didi!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Ocean - Giving Thanks

Yes! Ocean is one year old already!!!!!!
Time really flies.. It seems like yesterday when I first carry him in my arms... and now my precious is 1!
I would like to take this chance to really thank those who help me get through this 365 days in one piece.
1st and foremost is my dear husband, Jimmy. He is always there for me, being exceptionally patient with me since day 1. Especially those nights (while I was pregnant with Ocean) when I had bad leg cramps : p
2ndly is my sister in law - Ocean's 姑妈 and my mother in law who helped me all these while by taking care of Ocean, letting me have a peace of mind while at work.
Then will be my dear friends - Cynthia and Wendy. My 2 online support lines. I really have to thank them for the precious and patient advice that helped me survive over the initial breastfeeding months.
- Lily and Carmen who always are so positive, supportive and comforting especially during the period of time when I had to go through the amnio test
- Vanessa, my dearest friend who is always there for me.
And to all my colleagues who are very gracious to overlook my consistent usage of the R&R room : )
Thank you all of all the help and support! I am really grateful to have you all in my life!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Overseas Trip - Malacca

Since both Papa J & I have 3 days leave, we decided to bring Monster O on a trip to Malacca. This is the first visit to Malacca for both Monster O and myself :p

So we are all very excited about the trip, even though both Papa & Uncle Long said that there is nothing much to see in Malacca. We are just excited because this is the FIRST trip!!!
I started packing for Monster O on Monday eventhough we are leaving on Wednesday. This is the first time so I don't want to forget anything needed for him. This is also a trial run for his upcoming trip to Genting in December. Genting is going to be much further than Malacca so I wanted to use this Malacca trip as a guide.

We started out around 9 plus, after a nice breakfast at Toast Box. Both Papa & I wanted to take this trip slow & leisurely so no one ends up in a fluster.. So we also had a 'normal' speed ride and reach the old city at around 11 plus. Checked in to the hotel (Took us a while to find the right road to get to the hotel) and then set out for lunch.

We settled for KFC as Papa always love to have KFC in Malaysia. (He say the chicken there taste better). After a quick lunch, we went to the new shopping centre to shop around.

It's a new huge shopping mall so we had a pretty long walk before we settle at Old Town Kopi for a nice afternoon break. Took some pictures and left for the hotel to let Monster O take a rest.

Later in the evening, we drove round to the tourist attractions and took some pictures. Dinner was settled at the nearby hawker centre. The food there was quite yummy though : p

The second day in Malacca was even more leisurely than the first.. we spend the morning walking around the tourist attraction & Jonker Walk, making use of the morning breeze.

Once the hot afternoon sun came out, we went back to hotel for Ocean's nap and thereafter head to the shopping malls again :p

Do I look like Jay Chou?

Yummy coffee at Old Town!

We dutifully went & took pictures with some tourist attractions :p

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Little Walker

Milestone 1: Standing up be himself, without support
Milestone 2: Striding out his first step!

Haha yup yup, Monster O finally decided to walk.. But alas, this doesn't mean that he can walk fully already :p
We were playing today and I wanted to see if he could stand on his own yet. And to my surprise, when I let go of my hold, he began to walk a few quick steps! Unstable but still..... :p
I thought it was my imagination so I tried again, keeping him within my circle of arm but not touching him. he thought I was playing a game with him and was happily obliging me : )
After a while he got tired and became too lazy to even stand,
Of course he is still unable to stand with balance so he will still fall on his behind, as with walking, he can only manage a few quick steps before falling on his bum.
As for the standing part, he was able to stand by himself for a while but he still needs some support to pull him up. Today, he was crawling on the bed one moment and the next he is standing up already! : )
Mama J is so terribly proud of Monster O!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My little chatterbox

Milestone: Calling papa & mama correctly ... 4 times

Haha actually Monster O has been babbling for quite a while already. His first words are jie jie & papa. Jie Jie - credit given to his all time play mate, Andrea 表姐。


Papa - because he likes it bah...
Made me sore for a while because I was hoping he will say Mama first..

Anyway, after that he went on to learn his now favourite word 'ball'. He loves playing with a ball. He will roll, throw and chase after a ball for an extended period of time. It is a good distraction for him.
Of course, along the way he learnt how to say Mama as well, but he sometimes get it mixed up. He will call me Papa & Jimmy, Mama. We correct him every time he makes a mistake and we will ignore him. But I think it will take a while before this really register.

So today's milestone - he called us correctly 4 times each!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting better

Monster O seems to have some improvements. This morning when I carried him, cannot really hear the hard breathing (due to phlegm ) le.
So this Dr Koh is really a miracle doc huh! There's improvement after one dose of the medicine.. well we will still have to monitor for a few days to make sure that he really gets well...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Doctor again...

Monster O's phlegm is not dissolving, so 姑妈 recommended that we go to her doctor at Beauty World . According to her, this doctor is very experienced and good. His medicine always cure her children in a few days. 姑妈 is also kind enough to help us call & take a number first cos she say Dr Koh is very popular de. his clinic always long q.
So after dinner today we brought Monster O down to Beauty World to pay Dr Koh a visit. 姑妈 also remind Mama J to get Dr Koh to look at me too cos my cough has gone from bad to worse.when we reach there, I finally realise how 'popular' is Dr Koh. 姑妈 has called in the morning and she got a number 12. For those walk in patients, their number is already at 31! And it is only 8 plus, the clinic's night shift starts at 7pm. I was really lucky that 姑妈 called & took a number for us else I think we have to wait till 10 liao!!
Well, after a half hour wait, we finally got to see this famous Dr Koh. His room is a small area, part of it was taken up by a dental clinic. He did a quick check on Monster O & prescribe him with phlegm dissolving syrup & anti biotic. He also gave cream to be put into the nose. have to do the cream after Monster O is sleeping.
Then it's Mama J's turn. Dr Koh was tsking away, shaking his head while he listen to my breathing. He told me that I have to take medicine to stop the cough from going any worse. I am already at the bronchitic cough already. Well, what to do, he told me if I dun take of myself to get well, then it is harder for Monster O to get well. He got me convinced immediately..
Waited a while for the medicine. To my surprise, the consultation is $5 only! So today's damage is about $65 for both Monster O & myself. Usually when Monster O goes to Paediatrics Centre, his bill alone will be at least $50 de...Hmm location plays a part?
Anyway, I just hope that Monster O will get well soon...